Resilient and Survivable Networking

Prof. James P.G. Sterbenz <>
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
The University of Kansas

Course Description

EECS 983
3 credit hours

Graduate research seminar that provides an overview of the emerging field of resilient, survivable, disruption-tolerant, and challenged networks. These networks aim to remain operational and provide an acceptable level of service in the face of a number of challenges including: natural faults of network components; failures due to misconfiguration or operational errors; attacks against the network hardware, software, or protocol infrastructure; large-scale natural disasters; unpredictably long delay paths either due to length (e.g. satellite and interplanetary) or as a result of episodic connectivity; weak and episodic connectivity and asymmetry of wireless channels; high-mobility of nodes and subnetworks; unusual traffic load (e.g. flash crowds). Multi-level solutions that span all protocol layers, planes, and parts of the network will be systemically and systematically covered. In addition to lectures, students read and present summaries of research papers and execute a project.


EECS 882, or permission of the instructor.

Spring 2010 Offering Details

Refer to the main EECS 983 page for generic course information including textbooks and exam topics. This page contains schedule, laboratory, homework, and exam information specific to the Spring 2010 offering.

Time and Location

Spring 2010
Lecture: 18:40–21:30 Tue.
Nichols 246 (Executive Conference Room), Lawrence West Campus
Section: EECS 983-1000 Course ID: LEC 86978

Instructor Office hours

Tue. 15:00–17:00 in 209 Nichols
+1 785 864 7890
Wed. 16:00–18:00 in 125U Regents Center
+1 913 897 8538
or by appointment


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Tentative schedule of lectures, readings, assignments, and exams. Dates in the future subject to change.

EECS 983 Spring 2010 Schedule
Date Lecture Reading Discussions
Subject  Key Concepts  Required Optional
 19 Jan.  Administrivia
RSN-AE [print] [display]
Introduction and Motivation
RSN-IM [print] [display]
IUER Axioms
D2R2 + DR Strategy
ResiliNets Principles
 26 Jan.  Disciplines:
RSN-DE [print] [display]
fault → error → failure
 reliability vs. Availability 
 [ALRL2004]  choose past failures (PF)
 02 Feb.  Disciplines:
Fault Tolerance
RSN-FT [print] [display]
redundancy  [N1990]
 PF: Storms (Katrina, etc.) [MAT]
 09 Feb.  Disciplines:
RSN-SV [print] [display]
diversity  [EFL+1999]
 PF: Cable cuts (Baltimore, submarine, etc.) [SS]
 16 Feb.   PF: First responder interoperability [DB]
 PF: Peering, BGP, DNS [HN]
 23 Feb.  Disciplines:
Disruption Tolerance
RSN-DT [print] [display]
eventual connectivity
custody transfer, bundle
 DTN-BP, LTP (motiv, spec
 PF: Human mistakes (operational and misconfiguration) [JH]
 PF: Solar flares and radiation [KSP]
 02 Mar.  Disciplines:
 Security and Self-Protection 
RSN-SP [print] [display]
 PF: Terrorist attacks (9/11, 7/7, etc.) [MP]
 PF: Traffic challenges (DDoS attacks and flash crowds) [YFC] 
 09 Mar.  Disciplines:
RSN-PF [print] [display]
 [M1992]  [M1980]  PF: Power failures (2003 Northeast, etc.) [SD]
 PF: Cyber-attacks agains software infrastructure [RW]
 09 Mar.  Disciplines:
Traffic Tolerance
RSN-TT [print] [display]
 [JKR2002]  [XSH+2002]  
 16 Mar.  Spring Break
 23 Mar.  Disciplines:
RSN-RC [print] [display]
 PF: Pandemics [CMSC]
 choose research papers
 30 Mar.  Midterm Exam
 11 May  Project Presentations

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