EECS 730 - Introduction to Bioinformatics (Lab)

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
The University of Kansas

Lab Timings

Friday 11.00 AM - 11.50 AM

Lab Location

1005A Eaton Hall
Lawrence, KS 66045-7621


The syllabus for Fall 2012 can be found here.

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Sai Nivedita Chandrasekaran (Nivi)

Office hours: Friday 12-2 am
Office: 1005A Eaton

Lab Assignments

Schedule for Fall 2012
Date Assigned Topic Due Date Additional Files
Aug 20 Law of Large Numbers Aug 27 lln.m
Sep 7 Blast Guide Sep 14
Sep 14 PSI-Blast Guide Sep 21
Sep 21 HMM Tutorial Oct 5
Oct 5 WEKA Tutorial Oct 19
Oct 26 Bowtie Tutorial Nov 10 Additional Commands

Additional Resources

  • Here is a video to help you get started with MATLAB.
  • You could also refer to these lecture notes.

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