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Office Hours

I am on sabbatical during Spring and Summer 2014 and do not have regularly scheduled office hours. Email if you want to meet.


My research interests span a wide range of areas in networking and communication among distributed systems and applications, particularly in new, challenging, and novel contexts and application scenarios. The current emphasis is on resilient and survivable networking in the context of future Internet design and engineering.

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Current Projects

Past Projects


I am looking for a new PhD student and a few new MS students in the coming year.
Important: Prospective students must read this information before contacting me.


My book High-Speed Networking: A Systematic Approach to High-Bandwidth Low-Latency Communication


Future, Current, Recent Classes and Tutorials

KU EECS 9xx – Network Science
KU EECS 983 – Resilient and Survivable Networking
KU EECS 882 – Mobile Wireless Networking
KU EECS 881 – High-Performance Networking
KU EECS 780 – Communication Networks
KU EECS 140 – Introduction to Digital Logic Design
Lancaster CSM8 – Advanced Networking and the Internet: Switching and Routing
Tutorial – Active and Programmable Networks

Old Classes and Tutorials

Professional Activities and Service

Coming soon.

Science Fair


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