The InfoSec Group

I have been very fortunate to work with so many talented students. Here is a list of graduate students in my team, in reverse chronological order.

Ph.D. Students

Prashanthi Mallojula
      •  Dissertation Topic: TBD

Sohaib Kiani
      •  Dissertation Topic (tentative): Adversarial Machine Learning

Chris Seasholtz
      •  Dissertation Topic: TBD
      •  Part-time Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Practice, KU EECS

Qiaozhi Wang
      •  Dissertation Topic: Privacy in Social Networks

Abdulmalik Humayed
      •  Dissertation Topic: CPS and Smart Car Security

MS Students

Saad Adnan
      •  Thesis Topic: Secure and trusted information sharing in IoT

Lei Wang
      •  Thesis Topic: Multi-view learning for smart phone input

InfoSec Alumni: Ph.D. students

Wenrong Zeng (Spring 2015): Content-Based Access Control
      •  Current employment: Senior Data Scientist, LinkedIn

Hariprasad Sampathkumar (Fall 2015, co-advised with Xue-wen Chen): A Framework for Information Retrieval and Knowledge Discovery from Online Healthcare Forums

Yuhao Yang (Summer 2014): Protecting Attributes and Contents in Online Social Networks
      •  Current employment: Microsoft

Meeyoung Park (Fall 2013, co-advised with Xue-wen Chen): HealthTrust: Assessing the Trustworthiness of Healthcare Information on the Internet
      •  First employment: PostDoc, University of Michigan

Jong Cheol Jeong (Spring 2013, co-advised with Xue-wen Chen): New methodology measuring semantic functional similarity based on bidirectional integration
      •  Current Employment: Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky

InfoSec Alumni: MS students

Sri M Motipoli (Spring 2018): Analysis of Privacy Protection Mechanisms in Social  Networks using the Social Circle Model

Shahammadullah Shaik (Spring 2018): Semi Supervised Entity Recognition in noisy text
      •  Current employment: TGW.com

Xi Chen (Summer 2017): A Two-layer Text Classi er for Private Tweets
      •  Current employment: Suning USA, Applied AI Lab

Jaisneet Bhandal (Spring 2017) Classification of Private Tweets using Tweets Content
      •  Current employment: RSA Security

Yang Tian (Summer 2016): Integrating Textual Ontology and Visual Features for Content Based Search in an Invertebrate Paleontology Knowledgebase
      •  Current employment: Amazon

Anil Pediredla (Summer 2016): Information Revelation and Privacy in Online Social Networks
      •  Current Employment: Amazon

Chris Seasholts (Spring 2016): Security and Privacy Vulnerabilities in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
      •  Current Employment: Assistant Professor of Practice, KU EECS

Ranjith Sompalli (Spring 2016): Computational Methods to Enable an Invertebrate Paleontology Knowledge Base
      •  Current employment: Amazon

Anirudh Narasimman (Spring 2016): Arcana: Private Tweets on a Public Microblog Platform
      •  Current employment: IBM

Caitlin McCollister (Spring 2016): Predicting Author Traits Through Topic Modeling of Multilingual Social Media Text
      •  Current employment: RSA Security

Sambhav Sethia (Spring 2015): Sentiment Analysis on Wikipedia People Pages Using Enhanced Naive Bayes Model
      •  Current Employment: Cerner

Jonathan Lutes (Spring 2015): SafeExit: Exit Node Protection for TOR

Jamuna Gopal (Summer 2014):I Know Your Family: A Hybrid Information Retrieval Approach to Extract Family Information from Microblogs
      •  Current employment: IBM

Yuanliang Meng (Summer 2013, co-advised with Xue-wen Chen): Building an Intelligent Knowledgebase of Brachiopod Paleontology

Manogna Thimma (Summer 2012): Hybrid XML Access Control
      •  Current employment: Cerner

Yuxin Chen (Summer 2011): Integrating Visual and Textual Features for Image Search
      •  Current Employment: PostDoc at Caltech (Ph.D. from ETH Zurich)

Some (Old) Group Photos

From left: Jonathan Lutes, Yuhao Yang, Bo Luo, Manogna Thimma, Yuxin Chen

May 2011 - Yuxin graduates with MSCS. He will join Ph.D. program at ETH Zurich. Jon graduates with BSCS degree (honors). He will become a graduate student at KU EECS.