The KUPS Group

Information Assurance Laboratory (IAL)
Information and Telecommunication Technology Center (ITTC)

Welcome to the KU Privacy and Security (KUPS) Group! We study privacy and security problems in information systems and networks that deal with large-scale information collection, distribution, sharing and analysis.

Current Members

  • Hao Xue (Ph.D. Candidate)
  • Sana Awan (Ph.D. Candidate)
  • Andrew Stratmann (Master)
  • Saad Adnan (Master)


  • Lei Yang (Ph.D. 2017): "Security and Privacy in the Internet of Things"
  •           •   Amazon
  • Pegah Nokhiz (M.S. 2017): "Understanding Moral Foundations in Social Networks"
  •           •   Currently in the Ph.D. program of University of Utah
  • Rohit Banerjee (M.S. 2016):
  •           •   Last known emplorer: Cerner
  • Manogna Bheemineni (M.S. 2016): "Implementation and Comparison of FSA Filters"
  • Sambhav Deep Sethia (M.S. 2015): "Sentiment Analysis on Wikipedia People Pages using Enhanced Naive Bayes"
  •           •   Last known emplorer: Cerner
  • Palghat Viswanath Srinivas (M.S., 2013): "Social Network Aggregator"
  • Rudy Christopher (Undergraduate McNair Scholar, 2013)

Visiting Scholar

  • Dr. Chengliang Tian (Jan.-Dec. 2019), Assistant Professor, College of Computer Science and Technology, Qingdao University
  • Dr. Kim-Fung Tsang (Jan.-Jun. 2016), Associate Professor, Department of Electronic Engineering, the City University of Hong Kong