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Current Members

Photo         Name         Major         Project
        Lei Yang         EECS Ph.D. student        
        Hao Xue         EECS Ph.D. student        
        Vaishnavi Yadalam         EECS MS. student         GPU-PUF
        Pranav Bahl         EECS MS. student         Healthcare Review Systems
        Rohit Banerjee         EECS MS. student         Smart Grid Privacy-Preserving Operations
        Siddhant Sethi         EECS MS. student         Homomorphic Encryption Analysis
        Michael Harmon         EECS MS. student         TBD

Past Members

  1. 2013, Srinivas Palghat Viswanath, MS student.
  2. 2013, Rudy Christopher, Undergraduate McNair Scholar, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, the University of Kansas