The KUPS Group

Welcome to the KU Privacy and Security (KUPS) Group! We study privacy and security problems in information systems and networks that deal with large-scale information collection, distribution, sharing and analysis.

Current Members

Hao Xue

Ph.D. Student

xhao297 [AT]

Sana Awan

Ph.D. Student

sanaawan [AT]

Saad Adnan

Master Student

saad.adnan [AT]

Andrew Stratmann

Master Student

adstratm [AT]


  • Dr. Lei Yang (Ph.D. 2017), Amazon.
  • Pegah Nokhiz (M.S. 2017), University of Utah Ph.D. program.
  • Rohit Banerjee (M.S. 2016), Cerner.
  • Manogna Bheemineni (M.S. 2016).
  • Sambhav Deep Sethia (M.S. 2015), Cerner.
  • Palghat Viswanath Srinivas (M.S., 2013)
  • Rudy Christopher (Undergraduate McNair Scholar, 2013)

Visiting Scholar

  • Dr. Kim-Fung Tsang, Associate Professor at the Department of Electronic Engineering, the City University of Hong Kong.