Prasad's Photo

Prasad Kulkarni

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of Kansas

136 Nichols Hall,
EECS, University of Kansas,
Lawrence, KS 66045.
Phone: (785) 864-8819

I received my PHD in Computer Science from the Florida State University in 2007 and am currently a Professor in the EECS department at the University of Kansas. My research interests are in the areas of compilers, computer architecture, and runtime systems (virtual machines). In particular, we focus on building system tools to investigate and solve a variety of interesting problems to enable more efficient and secure program execution on modern multi-core machines and embedded systems.
As a student I received the IBM Ph.D. fellowship. I was awarded the NSF's CAREER award in 2010, and KU EECS students awarded me with the Harry Tally Excellence in Teaching Award in 2012 and 2017. I invite you to visit our CARS research group page to find an overview of our research.

Research Group

Compilers, Architectures, and Runtime Systems (CARS) Group


Publications list


  1. EECS268: Programming II
  2. EECS541/EECS542: Computer Systems Design Lab I/II
  3. EECS 665: Compiler Construction
  4. EECS 678: Introduction to Operating Systems
  5. EECS 768: Virtual Machines
  6. EECS 700: Security and Performance (Special Topics)
  7. EECS 802: Graduate Seminar