CARS - Compilers, Architectures, and Runtime Systems Group Page

The CARS group members investigate and solve important and complex issues to improve performance and trust-worthiness of software in the desktop, server, embedded and cloud computing domains. The research applies concepts in compilers, computer architecture, operating systems, virtual machines, and/or software engineering. Projects typically focus on building new system tools or modifying existing compiler-based or runtime systems to improve the speed, code-size, security, and programmability characteristics of software on modern machines.

Current Research Projects

  1. Efficient Software Execution on Modern Multi-Core Machines
    • Automatic code refactoring to produce thread-safe code.
    • Novel parallelization model for virtual machines.
    • System tools development for heterogeneous computing environments.
  2. Improving Performance of Embedded System Software
    • Understanding and addressing compiler optimization phase ordering.
    • Optimal data layout to maximize performance.
    • Cyber-security in the smart-grids.
  3. Undergraduate Projects
    • Targeting general-purpose applications for GPUs.
    • Prediction models for detecting hot methods in Java programs.
    • Ideal just-in-time compilation policy for virtual machines.


If you enjoy programming and are interested in solving important problems to achieve efficient and safe execution of software on modern homogeneous / heterogeneous multi-core machines and embedded systems, then feel free to contact me (email: ) or visit me in my office (Nichols, room #136).