CARS Group - People


Prasad Kulkarni

Graduate Students

  1. Jason Gevargizian -- PhD
  2. Surya Tej Nimmakayala -- PhD
  3. April Wade -- PhD
  4. Saikat Sarkar -- MS
  5. Justin Hauptman -- MS

Undergraduate Students

  1. Benjamin Streit

Past Graduate Students

  1. Adam Smith successfully defended his thesis, Compiler Transformations to Generate Reentrant C Programs to Assist Software Parallelization on 06/15/2009.
  2. Manjiri Namjoshi successfully defended her thesis, Towards future method hotness prediction for Virtual Machines on 12/11/2009.
  3. Michael Jantz successfully defended his thesis, Understanding Optimization Phase Interactions to Reduce the Phase Order Search Space on 07/31/2010.
  4. Divya Iyer successfully defended her project, Exploring the Suitability of Existing Tools for Constructing Executable Java Slices on 01/26/2012.
  5. Hemaiyer Sankaranarayanan successfully defended her thesis, Source-to-Source Refactoring Framework for Local and Global Variables on 03/08/2012.
  6. Marianne Jantz successfully defended her thesis, Explore Dynamically Dead Instructions for Contemporary Architectures on 05/16/2013.
  7. Goutham Selvakumar successfully defended his project, Constructing an Environment and Providing a Performance Assessment of Android’s Dalvik Virtual Machine on x86 and ARM on 06/07/2013.
  8. Michael Jantz successfully defended his PhD dissertation, Exploring Dynamic Compilation and Cross-Layer Object Management Policies for Managed Language Applications on 07/21/2014.
  9. Ansu Joys successfully defended her project, Identifying Software Phase Markers in Java Byte Code on 09/09/2014.
  10. Jason Gevargizian successfully defended his thesis, Executables from Program Slices for Java Programs on 02/13/2015.
  11. Ranjith Krishnan successfully defended his project, The Xen hypervisor : Construction of a Test Environment and Validation by Performing Performance Evaluation of Native Linux versus Xen Guests on 03/30/2015.
  12. Surya Tej Nimmakayala successfully defended his thesis, Exploring Causes of Performance Overhead during Dynamic Binary Translation on 05/26/2015.
  13. Siva Pramod Bobbili successfully defended his project, Static Disassembly of Binary using Symbol Table Information on 06/01/2015.