EECS 700 - Security and Performance
Prasad Kulkarni
EECS Department
University of Kansas

Course Time: MWF 2:00PM - 2:50PM
Course Location: Learned 1131

Office: Eaton 2030
Office Hours: MW: 4:30PM - 5:30PM,
                           F: 3:00PM - 4:00PM
                       (or by appointment)
Course Home Schedule Readings

  1. Dataflow Tracking
    Minos: Control Data Attack Prevention Orthogonal to Memory Model
  2. Covert Channels
    Cache Missing for Fun and Profit
  3. Error Tolerant Applications
    Characterization of Error-Tolerant Applications when Protecting Control Data
  4. Network Processor Security
    Virtually Pipelined Network Memory
  5. Internet security and cloud computing
    Securing the Internet: intrusion detection systems
    Detecting SYN Flooding Attacks
    Change-Point Monitoring for Detection of DoS Attacks
    Cloud computing security
    Data Security in the World of Cloud Computing
    Cloud Computing: An Overview
  6. Model checking for security
    Model Checking One Million Lines of C Code
  7. Compiler optimizations
    Compiler Optimizations to Reduce Security Overhead
  8. Embedded Systems
    Security as a New Dimension in Embedded System Design
    A compiler-hardware approach to software protection for embedded systems
    Reconfigurable computing -- Policy-Driven Memory Protection for Reconfigurable Hardware
  9. Architecture
    Improving Cost, Performance, and Security of Memory Encryption and Authentication
    Efficient Memory Integrity Verification and Encryption for Secure Processors
    Architectural Support for Software-Based Protection
    ChipLock: Support for Secure Microarchitectures
    Code Integrity -- Architectural Support for Copy and Tamper Resistant Software
  10. Towards Application Security on Untrusted Operating Systems
  11. CCured: type-safe retrofitting of legacy code
  12. Security models and Aegis
    Why Cryptosystems Fail
    Design and Implementation of the AEGIS Single-Chip Secure Processor Using Physical Random Functions