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11-11-2014 The University of Kansas' team, JayHackers wins first place in the CANSec Invitational Cyber-Defense Competition 2014
11-04-2014 EECS PhD student Justin Metcalf accepts a full position at the Air Force Research Laboratory
10-20-2014 Researchers developing algorithms to detect fake reviews
10-03-2014 Engineers work on better real-time wireless data transmission
09-16-2014 Engineering faculty studying security of cloud computing
07-31-2014 Pioneering KU radar researcher to be honored Aug. 6 at ceremony
06-19-2014 Math professor elected director of international organization
06-02-2014 Nineteen students receive summer Undergraduate Research Awards
04-30-2014 Hundreds attend to celebrate award-winning undergraduate research
04-11-2014 Researcher's computing testing could help identify toxic compounds
04-10-2014 Professor wins NSF award for software development
04-02-2014 Grant could aid in effort to bolster computer performance
02-12-2014 Graduate students to showcase research at Capitol
01-30-2014 Garmin co-founder makes $1M gift for School of Engineering
12-17-2013 Professor represents women in engineering at international workshop
10-28-2013 University announces New Self Graduate Fellows
10-22-2013 Graduate researcher honored for wireless communication paper
09-18-2013 NSF grant to boost KU's life sciences computing power
06-20-2013 Students, faculty honored at School of Engineering ceremony
04-19-2013 Final faculty research-sharing set for today
03-11-2013 Provost's lecture to address compressed data structures
02-27-2013 Michael Branicky named dean of KU School of Engineering
02-19-2013 KU Adavanced Computing Facility expands research capactiy, increases energy efficiency
02-11-2013 The Commons to host debate on 'Our Technology, Our Future'
01-31-2013 Grant to aid advances in remote sensing tools for climate change
01-27-2013 Initative opportunity for students to develop technology for NASA
01-18-2013 KU announces Undergraduate Research Award winners
10-30-2012 EECS Researchers Win Best Paper Award at International Workshop
05-17-2012 Researcher Joins ITTC Effort to Build More Reliable Software
05-01-2012 Kulkarni Receives Teaching Excellence Award
04-27-2012 IBM, KU to Empower Researchers with World-Class Supercomputing
04-09-2012 Evans Named to Computing Community Consortium
04-06-2012 Blunt Wins International Engineering Award
04-04-2012 KU Innovation Boosts Performance of Solar Panels
03-27-2012 KU Art Exhibit Honors Turing's Life, Impact
03-09-2012 New Tool Helps Students Learn 3D Modeling
03-08-2012 Liu Selected as Editor for TWireless
02-14-2012 Perrins Named Area Editor
02-13-2012 Noise Hides Covert Communication Signals
01-12-2012 Researchers Refine a Powerful Laser Microscope for Biomedical Use
10-27-2011 KU to Host International Software Engineering Conference
09-14-2011 Gill Receives $500,000 NSF Grant
08-30-2011 Google seminars help KC small businesses set up websites
08-24-2011 Agah Earns Teaching Excellence Award
06-27-2011 Austin Receives Department of Defense Scholarship
06-02-2011 ITTC Investigator Honored with Steeples Service to Kansas Award
03-25-2011 Oguna Receives Class of 1913 Award
03-07-2011 KU's excellence in radar research cited in selection to host distinguished conference
03-01-2011 ITTC Student Research Selected for Capitol Graduate Research Summit
01-10-2011 KU Hires Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
11-08-2010 Agah Receives ING Excellence in Teaching Award
10-20-2010 New ITTC Annual Report is Online
10-12-2010 Researchers Earn Grant to Digitize Massive Encyclopedia of Invertebrates
09-24-2010 Carpenter's Presentation is Available Online
09-16-2010 Functional Language Expert to Speak at KU
09-16-2010 Creator of cell imaging software to speak at KU
07-20-2010 Provost to Chair Panel at Premier Computer Science Conference
07-07-2010 International Foundation for Telemetering names KU a partner university
05-25-2010 ITTC Bioinformatics Computing Facility to Receive Extreme Makeover
05-12-2010 Oguna Wins Google Scholarship
04-30-2010 Positive Experience Keeps Arnett at KU for Grad School
04-25-2010 KU research centers developing variety of marketable technologies
04-22-2010 Oguna Finishes Third in Student Paper Contest
04-09-2010 Expert on data mining to speak at KU
04-05-2010 Radio frequency study holds key to groundbreaking brain research
03-25-2010 Kulkarni Wins NSF CAREER Award
03-16-2010 Peck Wins NSF Fellowship
02-26-2010 Mason Earns KU Employee of the Month
02-18-2010 Deavours Serves as Technical Chair for International RFID Conference
02-01-2010 Fokum Invited to Participate in Google Forum
10-01-2009 Information and Telecommunication Technology Center names acting director
09-23-2009 Rea Receives Best Paper Award
06-30-2009 Huan Receives NSF CAREER Award
06-30-2009 KU at center of computer universe
05-13-2009 KU students, alumna win $30,000 research fellowships
05-12-2009 KU receives national honor for work to fight cyber warfare
05-11-2009 Kansas IDeA Network lands $18.5 million grant to aid bioscience infrastructure
05-03-2009 Chen, Blunt Chair International Events
05-03-2009 Smalter Participates in Biomedical Research Excellence Symposium
05-03-2009 Oguna Wins KU Research Award
04-28-2009 New online search tool developed for legal researchers
04-06-2009 Frost lands director position at National Science Foundation
04-01-2009 ResiliNets: Resilient and Survivable Networks
11-08-2008 'White space' could expand Internet access
08-18-2008 KU, Sprint research wireless technologies
08-16-2008 Discovery channels: Super phones, biofuels take form in KU laboratories
07-11-2008 FCC to launch field tests of new crop of "white space devices"
07-02-2008 KU researcher calls for approval of wireless gadgets that use white space
07-01-2008 If you build it... An extensive press retrofit lets Starport Technologies move into RFID-label converting.
06-18-2008 Kansas City Company Licenses RFID Technology
06-17-2008 Another radio-frequency ID tag going to market
06-16-2008 Starport licenses KU technology
05-12-2008 Director of KUTelecommunications Research Center Announced
04-10-2008 KU computer science graduate student wins federal SMART fellowship
10-09-2007 Technology developed at KU acquired by digital media company
08-16-2007 The White Open Spaces (Washington Post Editorial)
06-05-2007 ITTC to welcome networking event
04-16-2007 Future Watch: Wireless Wises Up (Link to original article)
03-30-2007 KU licenses RFID tags
03-19-2007 Manufacturer Tests RFID to Track Industrial-Size Containers of Liquid
03-02-2007 Big 12 shows off inventions
02-28-2007 Entrepreneurship Fair highlights KUs technological innovations
12-27-2006 University Note
12-13-2006 KU Team Takes First Place in Corporate Software Competition
10-22-2006 Third-generation devices on way
09-27-2006 Engineering graduate student receives $30,000 SMART Defense fellowship
09-27-2006 KU Continuing Education RFID programs stay ahead of technology curve
09-12-2006 Globus Turns 10: Time for Celebration and Reflection
08-18-2006 NASA grants KU researcher $638K to design advanced data collection systems
04-25-2006 KU Builds Better Chip (From Bits and Bytes Column)
04-13-2006 Call for Papers
Feature Topic: Cognitive Radios for Dynamic Spectrum Access
12-23-2005 Bill includes $20M for area transportation, life sciences
08-19-2005 Six professors receive $5K Kemper Awards from Surprise Patrol; 14 to go
08-09-2005 KU research team tags tracking technology
08-05-2005 KU research looks to improve, revolutionize inventory tracking
07-26-2005 KU research team keeping cool in Greenland
04-11-2005 KU wins a cool $19 million grant to study polar ice
04-11-2005 University gets $19M to study polar ice
04-11-2005 NSF Announces Intent to Establish Two New Science and Technology Centers
03-05-2005 CubeSat could put KU in orbit
12-09-2004 'Revolutionary' tracking technology undergoes testing at KU
11-08-2004 Stressing Tests (Opinion Piece in RFID Journal)
11-02-2004 Migration to wireless a sign of things to come in telecom (Bits & Bytes Column)
10-07-2004 Low-frequency cordless phones create privacy issues (Column)
10-06-2004 KU lab tests new retail technology
10-05-2004 Summit at KU plans bioscience effort
09-24-2004 Glacial melt alarms scientists
09-22-2004 RFID Alliance Lab to Test RFID Products
09-21-2004 BITS & BYTES (RFID Alliance Lab)
09-12-2004 KU graduate student earns fellowship for his research
08-20-2004 Profs rewarded with Kemper awards
07-19-2004 KU professor predicts autonomous robots are decades away
06-06-2004 Martin: KU researcher untangling confusion of wireless world
05-16-2004 MIT-bound LHS senior has knack for research
03-08-2004 Ahmed Wins Student Paper Contest
03-03-2004 Spanish Ph.D. Student Conducts Research at ITTC
02-22-2004 Powell touts Internet capabilities
02-21-2004 FCC's chief wants all to join digital revolution
02-20-2004 PRISM Student Accepted to Premiere Universities
12-16-2003 Cerner at KU (From KC Star's Bits and Bytes)
12-03-2003 KU helping develop earthquake-resistant buildings
11-24-2003 KU wins $1.8M grant for wireless research
11-18-2003 KU on Ice from KC Star's Techno File
11-07-2003 KU professor worries as land-mine focus fades
08-26-2003 Ice in the Balance
08-22-2003 Kemper award patrol at KU makes call on seven faculty
08-22-2003 Professors rake in cash
08-14-2003 Energy Department taps KU for homeland security project
07-09-2003 NASA Fellow Receives High Honors in International Competition
06-15-2003 KU prof pushes global warming research
06-14-2003 Rising sea levels threaten island nations, coastline cities
05-21-2003 Sprint, KU celebrate partnership, patent
04-12-2003 KU technology assists companies
04-12-2003 Researchers focus on wireless devices
04-10-2003 Navy Recruits KU Professors to Teach IT Short Course
04-03-2003 University researchers conducting tests on new wireless transfer technology
03-27-2003 RSL's Kanagaratnam earns promotion
03-27-2003 International Collaborator visits ITTC
03-13-2003 The Revenge of Geography (WLAN Research)
03-11-2003 Pingenot advances to IEEE Region 5 Conference
03-06-2003 Making Robots More Like Us (Arvin Agah's research discussed)
02-14-2003 Line's Busy?
01-21-2003 BITS & BYTES: ITKC
12-20-2002 KU lab works to get snags out of Bluetooth technology
12-18-2002 KU center to test Bluetooth wireless devices
12-17-2002 KU to collaborate on research to allow electronic devices to talk with each other
11-24-2002 KU researchers tackle worldwide land mines
11-23-2002 KU researchers hope patent rings in success
11-22-2002 KU researchers take different paths for land mine detection and removal
11-18-2002 KU senior class selects H.O.P.E. Award winner, honors her at football game
11-15-2002 KC's tech future may be cutting its teeth now
11-12-2002 BITS & BYTES: PMD Patent
10-10-2002 KU's Natural History Museum part of $12.25 million environmental project
10-09-2002 Tsatsoulis presents data mining work in Iceland
09-15-2002 VitalSeek offers search engine on health issues
09-10-2002 KU professor earns patent for wireless technology work
09-09-2002 KU professor receives patent for research to speed Internet, other communications
08-22-2002 Polar ice melting may jeopardize some countries' survival
08-13-2002 New networking organization wants to help tech industry grow
08-10-2002 Professor leading way for Rosetta
08-01-2002 KU researcher among guests on NPR's "Public Interest" show
07-31-2002 MEDIA ADVISORY: KU researcher among guests on NPR's "Public Interest" show tomorrow
07-18-2002 KU graduate student receives prestigious fellowship from NASA to develop radar
07-03-2002 Students chill in Greenland, study polar ice with scientists
06-25-2002 DIGITAL PRAIRIE: Tech 50 movers and shakers
06-14-2002 Land mine research has taken back seat to homeland security
06-04-2002 Engineering professor receives Fulbright scholar award
05-23-2002 Why some consumers turn away from a health information site
04-22-2002 KU students take first in IEEE student paper contest
04-21-2002 ITTC students win IEEE Paper contest
03-27-2002 Stunning Visual Maps of Wireless LANs
01-27-2002 Students' project evaluates security of wireless computer networks
01-18-2002 Roberts touts technology
01-09-2002 Radar aids global-warming research
01-04-2002 KU researcher's data contribute to most detailed study of Greenland ice sheet
11-30-2001 Prototype radar may help find water on Mars
11-29-2001 KU student constructs innovative space radar
11-28-2001 KU doctoral student develops radar to find water on Mars
11-19-2001 BITS & BYTES: ITTC's Ticket Server Architecture
10-01-2001 Punch Software is a No. 1 hit / KU on Ice
09-29-2001 KU selected to research rising sea levels
09-28-2001 KU receives $8.7 million grant for polar ice research
09-25-2001 NSF Announces $156 Million in Awards for Information Technology Research
06-21-2001 Showcase features KU, Lawrence connections
04-21-2001 KU Research Center, Kansas City Company Up to Offer Online Health Information
04-06-2001 Group to promote area's high-tech opportunities
03-29-2001 Sprint CEO touts 'third generation'
03-10-2001 Russian entrepreneurs scouring Kansas for ideas
03-04-2001 KU professor named chair of technical committee
03-02-2001 KU team shoots for thinking robot within 10 years
02-22-2001 KU engineers construct online computer exam for state students
02-16-2001 Group aims for tech success
02-02-2001 Clicking a new course -- A new lab at KU will explore technologys role in teaching
01-23-2001 Techs seek venture capital
01-22-2001 KU hopes to revolutionize online learning
01-18-2001 KU research centers to explore technology of learning
01-15-2001 Personal robots haven't made the millennium scene
12-05-2000 Dave Petr Honored
11-17-2000 Department of Defense awards $1.46 million contract to ITTC
11-17-2000 Professor to deliver inaugural lecture
11-03-2000 Prescott receives NASA service award
10-20-2000 NASA grant backs ITTC Internet research
10-19-2000 Engineering professor receives NASA award
10-19-2000 KU professor picks up honors from NASA
10-10-2000 KU's high-tech research center seeks partners
09-06-2000 Professors awarded space-Internet grant
09-02-2000 KU profs awarded grant to develop space-based 'Net
09-01-2000 KU wireless, internet expertise nabs NASA project
08-15-2000 Defense Department grant bolsters 'smart room' project
08-11-2000 KU nets $1.46 million defense research grant
08-10-2000 KU researchers study melting of Greenland ice sheet
08-01-2000 Smartening Up the Routers: A Way to Put Cybervandals Out of Business?
07-24-2000 ITTC Director named as leader influencing high-tech growth
07-24-2000 Quantum Leaps: Gaze into silicon ball: Technology stretches possibilities of future
07-17-2000 Note to R2-D2: Watch Out
07-03-2000 KU tech center works to turn workplaces into 'smart rooms'
06-09-2000 Faculty assist in patent
06-08-2000 Rosetta provides support for system-level design
05-01-2000 Hats Off to Electrons
04-28-2000 IntelliSeek Acquires; Adaptive Search Technology and Significant User Base Added
04-20-2000 KU spinoff sold to Intelliseek
04-12-2000 Rooms will make technology handier
04-03-2000 KU wins grant to build high-tech room
03-24-2000 KU wins grant to develop 'smart rooms'
03-20-2000 KU professor looks to make rooms smarter
02-10-2000 University licenses technology
02-01-2000 KTEC luring skilled workers home
02-01-2000 KU training computer for war
12-01-1999 Moore tours, learns from KUs `best-kept secrets
12-01-1999 KU research fuels business advances
11-11-1999 ITTC Signs New Development Agreement With Local Company
11-09-1999 KU Center for Research Appoints New ITTC Director
10-01-1999 KU center helps army communicate
09-15-1999 Adaptive Broadband(TM) Demonstrates Voice and Data Point-to-Multi Point Wireless IP Transmission--With AB-Access(TM), Carriers Can Now Bundle Voice And Data Over The Internet
08-23-1999 Research grant seeks to reduce errors in blood collection, transfusions
08-09-1999 Metasearch engine seeks to lessen Web's chaos
08-07-1999 Quest to eradicate land mines is proceeding at KU
07-27-1999 Senator Roberts Announces $1.4 Million Research Contract to ITTC
06-23-1999 Personality assessment may help new graduates find the appropriate jobs
05-24-1999 Technology center is 'best-kept secret in Kansas'
05-13-1999 The Information Highway -- Sprint, ITTC Collaborate to Improve Internet Quality
04-09-1999 Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) Invests in ITTC
01-01-1999 Move over, Rover. Rosie the robot will fetch the paper.
02-23-1998 Professors win award by using technology to help students learn
10-03-1997 U.S. Army grants KU $700,000 for Tank-Mine Research
04-08-1997 KU makes Internet Magic
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Partner with ITTC

The Information and Telecommunication Technology Center at the University of Kansas has developed several assistance policies that enhance interactions between the Center and local, Kansas, or national companies. 

ITTC assistance includes initial free consulting (normally one to five hours). If additional support is needed, ITTC will offer one of the following approaches: 

Sponsored Research Agreement

Individuals and organizations can enter into agreements with KUCR/ITTC and provide funds for sponsored research to be performed at ITTC with the assistance of faculty, staff and students.

Licensing and Royalty/Equity Agreement

An ITTC goal is the development of investment-grade technologies for transfer to, and marketing by, local, Kansas, and national businesses. To enhance this process, the Center has developed flexible policies that allow for licensing, royalty, and equity arrangements to meet both the needs of ITTC and the company.

Commercialization Development

Companies with a technology need that can be satisfied with ITTC's resources can look to us for assistance. We can develop a relationship with interested partners that will provide for the development of a technology suited for commercialization.

ITTC Resource Access

ITTC resources, including computers and software systems, may be made available to Kansas companies in accordance with the Center's mission and applicable Regents and University policies.

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