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The University of Kansas is a participant in the AAI project, funded by the Information Technology Office (ITO) of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Characterization Experiments with AAI Performance Machines
Experiments in Maximizing TCP over ATM Performance Over AAI
Initial Experiments with TCP over ATM Performance Over AAI
Predicting TCP over ATM Performance Over AAI
Timeline for AAI Traffic and Performance Measurements (PostScript)
Measurement Metrics for the AAI Network (PostScript)
Measurement Techniques for the AAI Network (PostScript)
AAI Measurement Scenarios (HTML)
AAI Measurement Scenarios (PostScript)
BONeS TCP Primitive Module Validation (PostScript)
Cell Level Measurements within the AAI (PostScript)
Performance Evaluation of Congestion Control Mechanisms in ATM Networks (PostScript) ,
Computer Measurements Group Conference, December 1995 Simulation vs Experimental Results for the TIOC-ARL-EDC Simultaneous Connections (HTML)
KU Theses Resulting from AAI Work

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