Wireless ATM
Adaptive Voice/Data

Student Investigators: Erik Lindsley, Zhu Lei, Vishal Moondhra, Praveen Gupta, Sachin Sheth
Faculty Investigators: Joseph B. Evans, Victor S. Frost, John M. Gauch
Sponsor: Rome Laboratories

The objective of this project is the implementation and demonstration of a complete adaptive voice/data (AVD) network, including switches and terminal units, based on wireless asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) technology. This network will serve as a testbed for investigation into the delivery of voice, images, and data to remote users using highly interoperable ATM technology. Dynamic bandwidth allocation algorithms using low bit rate speech coding based on the Sinusoidal Transform Coder are used in the ATM wireless environment. Existing ATM standards are the basis for network control and management were possible, and research into extending the technology into the narrowband arena is being performed.

A testbed to evaluate the use of the bit-rate adaptive characteristics of the Sinusoidal Transform Coder (STC) as a means of congestion control for voice/data networks is being designed and built. The testbed consists of two existing network switches and three voice/data terminal units developed in this project. The terminal units are connected to the switches by wireline or wireless modems, and support voice or data traffic. The terminals support bit rate adaptation protocols implemented in the AVD switch. The components of the network support dynamic allocation of bandwidth between voice and data streams, using the bit rate transformation schemes associated with the Sinusoidal Transform Coder. The narrowband network is interfaced to other ATM facilities such as the MAGIC gigabit testbed or the Rapidly Deployable Radio Network (RDRN), as well as to standard ISDN facilities, to demonstrate interoperability.

This project consists of several major tasks:

  • AVD switch modifications for ATM networks
  • implementation of the terminal units for the AVD network
  • development and implementation of the ATM wireless network architecture
  • host application software design
  • demonstration of interoperability over ISDN facilities
  • demonstration of interoperability over future facilities typified by the DREN Testbed
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  • Theses undertaken during the project
  • Sona Kapadia's Master's thesis - Protocol Design for Congestion Management in Narrowband Integrated Networks
  • Abstract , PostScript , PDF
  • Vishal Moondhra's Master's thesis - Implementation and Performance Evaluation of ATM Adaptation Layer 2
  • Abstract , PostScript , PDF
  • Sachin Sheth's Master's thesis - Implementation of a Congestion Control Scheme for Active Narrowband ATM Networks
  • Abstract , PostScript , PDF
  • Zhu Lei's Doctoral thesis: to appear soon
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