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Information and Telecommunication Technology Center (ITTC)


  Information Assurance Laboratory (IAL)

The Information Assurance Laboratory (IAL) focuses on developing, verifying and fielding high-assurance information systems. Its purpose is to provide a University-wide focal point for those involved in information assurance research, education and implementation. IAL faculty and students perform research including theoretical modeling, high-assurance system synthesis and verification, security modeling and analysis, network security, and database security. IAL faculty manage and implement the MSIT program in information security as well as teach information assurance principles throughout the University. Finally, IAL staff affiliates are responsible for developing and implementing information security across the University.

Lab Resources

SELinux installation
Virtualization environment
SAL, PVS, Isabelle verification tools and expertise Rosetta specification and analysis capabilities Network security teaching lab
300+ node parallel computing environment
Access to major security publications through KU Libraries