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Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

EECS 563 - Introduction to Communications Networks - Fall 2014


Final: 7:30-10:00AM Thursday, December 18






EECS 563 Class Notes Fall 2014

Assignments: Homework and Network Analysis and Design Projects

Companion Web Site for Class Text Book: Computer Networks: A Systems Approach 5e

Lecture Summaries

Interactive Plots Demonstrating System Trade-offs

(The cdf reader needed to use interactive plots is @

  1. Throughput vs Offered Load for Finite System
  2. Shortest Path through Network
  3. Simplified Token Ring Maximum Normalized Throughput Analysis
  4. Maximum Normalized Throughput for CSMA-CD Networks
  5. Stop & Wait Efficiency Trade-offs
  6. Sliding Window Efficiency Trade-offs



At the conclusion of this class the students are expected to be able to:


Formats and Guidelines for Assignments

Homework Format

Grader: Md.Moshfequr Rahman,

If you may submit any assignment by e-mail;

1) send to the grader and cc;

2) name your file: Assignment#_your-name, e.g., HW5_Frost.pdf or Project1_Frost.pdf

Technical Report Format (use for Network Analysis and Design projects)

Paper on writing technical reports


Reference Material


Some interesting on-line networking related videos:



Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

The department, school and university have very strict guidelines regarding academic misconduct. Obviously, copying is not allowed on exams. Students are expected to submit their own work on individual homework and projects. Lending or borrowing all or part of a simulation model or program from another student is not allowed. Students ARE allowed to borrow and modify any code on this class web site in their projects. Instances of cheating will result in a referral to the department chairman and the dean of engineering.
All sources in your written work (project reports) must be properly referenced; if you use a source from the literature or the idea of another for your work you must reference it. If you quote or copy a block of text, it must be cited and included in quotation marks (if a sentence or less in length) or in block quote style (if more than a sentence in length). If you paraphrase text (reword a phrase, sentence, or paragraph), you must also quote or blockquote followed by “[paraphrased]” in addition to proper citation. Figures taken from other sources must be referenced.

I recommend that you take intermediate notes from which you write your own words. I strongly recommend that you not write in one window while displaying the work of others in another window; this is asking for trouble. “Unintentional” paraphrasing is also not an acceptable excuse for academic misconduct.

Modified with permission from James P.G. Sterbenz and John Gauch

Some Other Background Information



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