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Information and Telecommunication Technology Center (ITTC)

Directions from Topeka to ITTC

A. From I-70 (Kansas Turnpike)

Go east from Topeka on I-70 and get off at the West Lawrence Turnpike exit (exit #202).

Go south from Turnpike exit: you're on McDonald Drive, which leads you under an overpass and up an incline to merge left onto Iowa Street/Highway 59.

Continue south on Iowa (past traffic light intersections at 9th and at Harvard Streets); turn right at the traffic light intersection of Bob Billings Parkway (15th Street).

Go west on Bob Billings Parkway (15th Street) to the next traffic lights at Crestline. Be in the left-hand lane as you approach the lights; turn left onto Crestline, which takes you up a hill and ends at the intersection with Irving Hill Road. The brown building in front of you is Nichols Hall, home of the Information Telecommunication and Technology Center (ITTC). Park in the large parking lot to your left; there are parking meters along the middle island.*

ITTC occupies offices on all three floors, with the main office off the first floor lobby. Director Victor Frost's office is Room 208. Director of Technology Commercialization Keith Braman's office is Room 256. Secretarial offices are in Room 147, 207, 257, and off the lobby on the first floor.



* If your business in Nichols Hall will take more than a couple of hours, feel free to ask us for a morning, afternoon, or all-day parking permit.