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Information and Telecommunication Technology Center (ITTC)

Information for Media

In our instant gratification society, it can be a challenge to deliver news on information technology research that will not impact people's lives for years to come. Most people want to know what is being done for them now, not about work that will improve their future quality of life. While the nation's attention is captured by sensational events of today, ITTC researchers quietly develop technology that will continue America's prosperity.

We, at ITTC, would like to highlight the groundbreaking research at the Center. With more than 30 faculty members and 160 students, ITTC leads the way in information technology research, radar systems, and remote sensing development, and commercialization for the entire Midwest region. It has more than $6 million in annual research expenditures, which makes it one of KU's largest research centers.

ITTC and other federally sponsored university research have played a critical role in the success of the IT industry, which relies on universities for medium- and long-range research and development and for the industry's trained professionals. Researchers within academia have provided most of the technology that has served as the IT industry's foundation. While companies must focus their efforts on short-term payoffs because of the competitive marketplace, universities conduct long-term research that will provide the fundamental advancements in the IT field.

The multi-billion dollar information technology industry is critical to our nation's international competitiveness and economic success. While America holds a commanding lead in IT development, it is the result of an extraordinary 50-year partnership among government, industry, and academia. IT research has allowed for the development of many of today's necessities and offers enormous potential for further technological advancements in the coming decades.

While we will keep you up to date on the Center's successes through press releases and our Web site, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. We also have many interesting researchers who would make great subjects for feature articles. Please browse the site for additional information. Thank you for taking an interest in ITTC.

Michelle Ward, Public Relations and Marketing Director
(785) 864-4776