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Information and Telecommunication Technology Center (ITTC)

DARPA Workshop on Wide-Area ATM Performance

Telecommunications and Information Sciences Laboratory
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Nichols Hall
University of Kansas

June 19-20, 1996


Over the past several years, groups within the networking community have gained experience with ATM WAN performance. The purposes of this day-and-a-half by-invitation workshop are to exchange ideas on ATM WAN measurement tools and techniques, to discuss ATM WAN experiments to establish today's performance limits, to identify the factors that affect performance, and to identify first-order opportunities for improving network performance. The focus will be on solid engineering techniques for measurements, concise analysis of measurements that have been taken, improvements made, and proposals for what should be done in the near future to further enhance performance.


Don Endicott, NCCOSC
ATM Network Performance Workshop - Metrics, Determinants, and Opportunities

Mike Sobek, Sprint
The AAI Architecture: A Prototype for Future Commercial Networks

Brian Tierney, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Performance Monitoring for Applications of the Distributed-Parallel Storage System in the MAGIC Testbed

Raj Jain, Ohio State University
Frame-Level Performance Benchmarking of ATM

Alan Mink, NIST
ATM Performance

Joseph Evans, Telecommunications Lab, University of Kansas
AAI ATM WAN Performance: Tools, Experiments, and Results

Basil Decina, NRL
ATDNet Performance Experiences

Abdella Battou, Kaman Sciences Corporation
Measurements of UNI 3.0 Signaling Setup Times

Rich Verjinski, NRL/FORE Systems
Performance Aspects ofFOREThought PNNI

Phil Dykstra, ARL
ARL ATM Experiences

Mark Ganzer, NCCOSC
ATM WAN Experiences with Command and Control and High Performance Computing Applications at Naval Command Control and Ocean Surveillance Center

Dan Daly, Bellcore
Results of TCP/IP Traffic Measurements over the ACTS ATM/SONET Channel and Directions for Future Investigation

Dennis Kong, Bellcore
ATM Traffic Experiments at ATDNet

Hal Murray, DEC
Bagnet and Related ATM Performance Experience

David Tipper, University of Pittsburgh
End-to-End Traffic Measurements on a Wide-Area ATM Network

Tino Sciuto, NASA
TCP Over ATM Performance in NASA NREN and CTI

Peter Steenkiste
Experiences with CreditNet


Workshop topics and technical matters:
Victor S. Frost, TISL Director
913/864-4833 voice

Administrative matters:
Jane K. Thompson, TISL Secretary
913/864-4832 voice

Telecommunications and Information Sciences Laboratory
University of Kansas
2291 Irving Hill Road
Lawrence, Kansas 66045
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