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Information and Telecommunication Technology Center (ITTC)

1997 ITTC Technology Review

The file formats used are PowerPoint 4, PowerPoint 97 and Adobe Acrobat.  You can download the Adobe Acrobat reader from Adobe's web site. Some of the Powerpoint files use embedded encapulated postscript and will need to be printed on a postscript compatible printer to be viewed. The Acrobat files do not show the images even when printed. We will be updating these images shortly so that they can be viewed on screen and in PDF format.

Dr. K. Sam Shanmugan Introduction (Version: PowerPoint 4 - 1,328k, PowerPoint 97 - 147k and Adobe Acrobat - 162k)
Dr. Victor Frost Research Focus (Version: PowerPoint 4 - 253k, PowerPoint 97 - 92k and Adobe Acrobat - 288k) and University/Industry/Government Collaborations (Version: PowerPoint 4 - 210k, PowerPoint 97 - 74k and Adobe Acrobat - 238k).
Dr. Costas Tsatsoulis Intelligent Systems and Information Management Laboratory Overview.  (Version: PowerPoint 4 - 1,727k, PowerPoint 97 - 268k and Adobe Acrobat - 344k).
Dr. Susan Gauch Data Discovery on the Information Highway.  (Version: PowerPoint 4 - 2,030k, PowerPoint 97 - 409k and Adobe Acrobat - 573k).
Dr. Arvin Agah Agents-related Research at ISIM.  (Version: PowerPoint 4 - 243k, PowerPoint 97 - 70k and Adobe Acrobat - 128k).
Dr. Glenn Prescott Wireless Communications and Digital Signal Processing Overview 
Dr. Glenn Prescott Rapid Prototyping of Communications and DSP Systems
Dr. Joseph Evans Rapidly Deployable Radio Network (Version: PowerPoint 4 - 792k, PowerPoint 97 - 225k and Adobe Acrobat - 257k).
Dr. Joseph Evans Networking and Distributed Systems Laboratory (Version: PowerPoint 4 - 798k, PowerPoint 97 - 133k and Adobe Acrobat - 1,272k).
Dr. Victor Frost MAGIC/AAI Network Experiences (Version: PowerPoint 4 - 921k, PowerPoint 97 - 190k and Adobe Acrobat - 598k).
Dr. Minden Adaptive Computing Systems (Version: Adobe Acrobat - 200k).
Dr. Kenneth Demarest Lightwave Communications Systems Laboratory Overview (Version: PowerPoint 4 - 140k, PowerPoint 97 - 88k and Adobe Acrobat - 197k).
Dr. Kenneth Demarest Solitons(Version: PowerPoint 4 - 4,986k, PowerPoint 97 - 2,019k and Adobe Acrobat - 1,366k).
Dr. Christopher Allen Lightwave Modeling System (Version: PowerPoint 4 - 493k, PowerPoint 97 - 141k and Adobe Acrobat - 118k).
Tim Johnson R&D and the Transfer of Technology (Version: PowerPoint 4 - 665k, PowerPoint 97 - 98k and Adobe Acrobat - 135k).

These will be available shortly