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Information and Telecommunication Technology Center (ITTC)

ITTC Industry Affiliates Program

In the rapidly changing world of information technology (IT), theory and hardware can quickly become obsolete. IT industries need to keep current, and this need has generated fertile interactions between industry and the academic community. ITTC has a successful record of understanding and being responsive to industry needs, having commercialized several technologies and worked closely with industry on many joint research and development projects.

To further this collaborative interaction, ITTC has an ongoing Affiliates Program. The goal of this program is to develop a practical and functional relationship between ITTC and the industrial community. The program offers many benefits, including annual workshops, periodic seminars, special courses, and an open dialogue about research areas of mutual interest. Affiliates also gain access to research results and to faculty, staff, and students.

Other benefits include periodic exchanges between faculty and their business counterparts, improved contact with students for recruitment and internships, enhanced participation in joint proposal and project activities, and increased communications between the Center and its affiliates.

Sprint Corporation and NEC America are founding members of the ITTC Affiliates Program.

See ITTC Industry Board Members for a complete list of all members.