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Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

EECS 863 - Network Analysis, Simulation, and Measurements


Please submit Project 2 as soon as possible. The grade on Project 2 will be reduced by 10% for any Project 2 submitted after 8:00 AM Monday 5/11.

Semester Term Paper Due 5/15. The grade on Semester Term Paper will be reduced by 10% for any Semester Term Paper submitted after 5:00 PM Friday 5/15.



Homework and Projects

Extend Models ( Extend Simulation Tool Information )

Interactive Graphs (using Wolfram cdf format: Download Wolfram CDF Player)

A Two-State, Discrete-Time Markov Chain

Finite-State, Discrete-Time Markov Chains


Reference Information

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Possible topics for term papers:

Any paper from: AIMS 2014: Workshop on Active Internet Measurements

Any paper on GENI see GENI Bibliography Page

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Victor S. Frost,