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Information and Telecommunication Technology Center (ITTC)

  ITTC Successes

ITTC is leading research, development, and commercialization of advanced information and telecommunication technology within the entire Midwest region. The Center's researchers have the knowledge, experience, innovation, and facilities to develop these cutting-edge technologies. ITTC accomplishments include the following:


Spin-Off Companies

  • Designed modeling support for different design domains employing appropriate semantics and syntax. Formed spin-off company Cadstone. Learn about
    Rosetta link.
  • Patented Real-Time, Features-Based Video Stream Distortion Analysis System (VidWatch). Created spin-off company Veatros. Learn more about Vidwatch or view Patent No. 6,246,803 B1.
  • Developed one of the first intelligent search engines for the Web, which went online in 1995. Received PC Professionell (Germany) Editor's Choice Award, "ProFusion: Best Advanced Meta-Search Engine," December, 1998. Established spin-off company Profusion.  

USPTO Seal  U.S. Patents

  • Improved reception of HDTV broadcasts with the wideband planar antenna, especially in distant fringe areas or locations without a clear path to a transmitting tower. Learn more or view Patent No. 6,819,297.
  • Identified polar-mode dispersion (PMD) events and ways to correct them. View Patent No. 6,781,679 B1 .
  • Developed method of incorporating a Fabry Perot filter with a dispersive grating that provides high-resolution spectrum analysis over a wide optical bandwidth. Learn more or view Patent No. 6,697,159.
  • Produced device that recovers optical clock signals from optical data signals, which are wavelength and data rate independent. View Patent No. 6,542,274.
  • Detected an object and determined its range, using swept-step radar system. View Patent No. 6,225,941 B1 and Patent No. 5,867,117.
  • Originated asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) reference traffic system that records packet information sent over an ATM network. View Patent No. 6,046,998.
  • Invented method and apparatus for controlling optical signals. View Patent No. 5,970,188.
  • Introduced software that displays actual three-dimensional moving images. View Patent No. 5,717,416, Patent No. 6,005,608, and Patent No. 6,646,623.