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e-Learning Design Lab Publications

Hybrid CMOS-TFET based Register Files for Energy-Efficient GPGPUs,
Zhi Li, Jingweijia Tan, Xin Fu; International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED); Santa Clara, CA, USA, March 2013. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Training a Hierarchical Classifier Using Inter-Document Relationships,
Susan Gauch, Aravind Chandramouli, Shankar Ranganathan; Technical Report ITTC-FY2007-TR-31020-01; August 2006. (pdf) (BibTeX)

E-Learning: A Programmatic Research Construct for the Future,
E.L. Meyen, R.J. Aust, J.M. Gauch, H.S. Hinton, R.E. Isaacson, S.J. Smith, M.Y. Tee; Journal of Special Education Technology, Vol. 17, No. 3; 2002, pp. 37-46. (BibTeX)

The VISION Digital Video Library Project,
Susan Gauch, John M. Gauch, Kok Meng Pua; The Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science, Vol. 68, No. 31; Marcel Dekker, August 2000. (pdf) (BibTeX)

A Corpus Analysis Approach for Automatic Query Expansion and its Extension to Multiple Databases,
Susan Gauch, Jianying Wang, Satya Mahesh Rachakonda; ACM Transactions on Information Systems, Vol. 17, No. 3; July 1999, pp. 250-269. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Real Time Video Scene Detection and Classification,
John Gauch, Susan Gauch, Sylvain Bouix, Xiaolan Zhu; Information Processing & Management, Vol. 35, No. 3; May 1999, pp. 381-400. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Real Time Video Analysis for Automatic Archive Creation,
John Gauch, Susan Gauch, Sylvain Bouix; Multimedia Systems (pending); 1998. (pdf) (BibTeX)

A Corpus Analysis Approach for Automatic Query Expansion,
Susan Gauch, Jianying Wang; CIKM '97: 7th International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management; Nov. 1997, pp. 278-284. (pdf) (BibTeX)

The VISION Digital Video Library,
Susan Gauch, Wei Li, John Gauch; Information Processing & Management, Vol. 33, No. 4; April 1997, pp. 413-426. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Tuning a Corpus Analysis Approach for Automatic Query Expansion,
Susan Gauch, Jianying Wang; Technical Report ITTC-FY97-TR-11100-01; March 1997. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Information Fusion with ProFusion,
Susan Gauch, Guijun Wang; Proceedings of WebNet '96: The First World Conference of the Web Society; San Francisco, CA, Oct. 1996, pp. 174-179. (pdf) (BibTeX)

ProFusion: Intelligent Fusion from Multiple, Distributed Search Engines,
Susan Gauch, Guijun Wang, Mario Gomez; Journal of Universal Computing, Springer-Verlag, Vol. 2, No. 9; Sept. 1996. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Automatic Word Similarity Detection for TREC 4 Query Expansion,
Susan Gauch, Meng Kam Chong; Proceedings of TREC-4: The 4th Annual Text Retrieval Conference; Gaithersburg, MD, Nov. 1995, pp. 527-536. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Experiments in Automatic Word Class and Word Sense Identification for Information Retrieval,
Susan Gauch, Robert Futrelle; Proceedings of the 3rd Annual Symposium on Document Analysis and Information Retrieval; Las Vegas, NV, April 1994, pp. 425-434. (pdf) (BibTeX)

The Digital Video Library System: Vision and Design,
Susan Gauch, Ron Aust, Joe Evans, John Gauch, Gary Minden, Doug Niehaus, James Roberts; Proceedings of Digital Libraries '94; College Station, TX, June 1994, pp. 47--52. (pdf) (BibTeX)

An Expert System for Automatic Query Reformulation,
Susan Gauch, John B. Smith; Journal of the American Society of Information Scientists, Vol. 44, No. 3; April 1993, pp. 124-136. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Intelligence Search Assistance,
Susan Gauch; Journal of the American Society of Information Scientists, Vol. 43, No. 2; March 1992, pp. 175-182. (pdf) (BibTeX)