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Publications Published in 1996

A Genetic Algorithm-Based Controller for Decentralized Multi-Agent Robotic Systems,
A. Agah, G.A. Bekey; Proc. of the 1996 IEEE International Conf. on Evolutionary Computation; Nagoya, Japan, May 1996, pp. 431-436. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Radar Sounding of Glaciers in Greenland,
C. Allen, B.Wohletz,S. Gogineni; IGARSS 96; Lincoln, NE, May 1996. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Fusion of Satellite Active and Passive Microwave Data for Sea Ice Type Concentration Estimates,
S. G. Beaven, S. P. Gogineni, F. D. Carsey; IEEE Trans. on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, Vol. 34, No. 5; 1996, pp. 1172-1183. (BibTeX)

Phase Correction for Coherent Noise Reduction in Short-Range Radar Measurements,
S. G. Beaven, S. P. Gogineni, P. Kanagaratnam2; IGARSS 96; Lincoln, NE, May 1996. (pdf) (BibTeX)

ATM Cell Level Measurement Capabilities on an OC-12c ATM/SONET Gateway,
Darren S. Braun, Joseph B. Evans, Douglas Niehaus; Technical Report TISL-9770-38; January 1996. (pdf) (BibTeX)

A Control and Management Network for Wireless ATM Systems,
S. Bush, S. Jagannath, R. Sanchez, J. Evans, K.S. Shanmugan, V. Frost; IEEE International Conference Communications '96, Vol. 1; 1996, pp. 459-463. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Mobile ATM Handoff and Performance Analysis,
Stephen F. Bush, Joseph Evans, Victor Frost; ACM-baltzer Mobile Networks and Nomadic Applications (NOMAD), Vol. 1, No. 1; 1996, pp. 67-73. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Network Management of Predictive Mobile Networks,
Stephen Bush, Victor Frost, Joseph Evans; IEEE Sumposium on Planning and Design of Broadband Network, Session 8; Oct. 1996. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Model-Based Technique for Super Resolution and Enhanced Target Characterization Using a Step-Frequency Radar: A Simulation Study,
S. Chakrabarti, P. Kanagaratnam, P. Gogineni; IGARSS 96; Lincoln, NE, May 1996. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Numerical Modeling of Antenna Arrays for Rapidly Deployable Radio Networks (RDRN) Part I: Far-Field Patterns of a Cylindrical Conformal Array of Axial Electric Dipoles,
Deb Chatterjee, Richard G. Plumb; Technical Report TISL-10920-14; 1996. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Radar Thickness Measurements over the Northern Part of the Greenland Ice Sheet,
T. Chuah, S. Gogineni, C. Allen and B. Wohletz; Technical Report RSL 10470-3; April 1996. (BibTeX)

Radar Thickness Measurements over the Southern Part of the Greenland Ice Sheet,
T. Chuah, S. Gogineni, C. Allen and B. Wohletz; Technical Report RSL 10470-2; April 1996. (BibTeX)

A 622 Mb/s LAN/WAN Gateway and Experiences with Wide Area ATM Networking,
Joseph B. Evans, Douglas Niehaus, David W. Petr, Victor S. Frost, Gary J. Minden, Benjamin J. Ewy; IEEE Network; May 1996, pp. 40-48. (pdf) (BibTeX)

An Overview of the Rapidly Deployable Radio Network Proof of Concept System,
Benjamin Ewy, Craig Sparks, K. Sam Shanmugan, Joseph Evans, Glenn Prescott; Technical Report TISL-10920-16; April 1996. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Inflight Vertical Antenna Patterns for SIR-C from Amazon Rain-Forest Observations,
Y. Fang, R. K. Moore; IGARSS 96; Lincoln, NE, May 1996. (pdf) (BibTeX)

AAI Performance and Congestion Management Studies: Year 1 Technical Report,
Victor S. Frost, Joseph B. Evans, Douglas Niehaus, David W. Petr, Luiz A.P. DaSilva, Georgios Y. Lazarou, Hongbo Zhu, Roel J.T. Jonkman; Technical Report TISL-10980-11; January 1996. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Modeling and Simulation of Telecommunications Networks,
Victor S. Frost, Ben Melamed; The Froehlich/Kent Encyclopedia of Telecommunications, F.E. Froehlich, A. Kent, C.M. Hall (eds.); Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York, 1996. (BibTeX)

Information Fusion with ProFusion,
Susan Gauch, Guijun Wang; Proceedings of WebNet '96: The First World Conference of the Web Society; San Francisco, CA, Oct. 1996, pp. 174-179. (pdf) (BibTeX)

ProFusion: Intelligent Fusion from Multiple, Distributed Search Engines,
Susan Gauch, Guijun Wang, Mario Gomez; Journal of Universal Computing, Springer-Verlag, Vol. 2, No. 9; Sept. 1996. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Ultra-Wideband Microwave Radar Measurements of Backscatter from Sea Ice,
S. P. Gogineni, P. Kanagaratnam and K. C. Jezek; IGARSS'96 Digest, 96CH35875; Lincoln, NE, May 1996, pp. 1196-1198. (BibTeX)

Ultra-Wideband Microwave Scattering Measurements,
P. Gogineni, P. Kanagaratnam and K. Jezek; PIERS '96; Innsbruck, Austria, July 1996. (BibTeX)

Ultra-Wideband Radar Measurements Over Bare and Snow-Covered Saline Ice,
S. Gogineni, P. Kanagaratnam, K. Jezek; IGARSS 96; Lincoln, NE, May 1996. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Subsurface Imaging Using Ground-Penetrating Radar Measurements,
Nathan Goodman, Carl Leuschen, Richard Plumb, Chris Allen; Proceedings of the 1996 International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS '96); Lincoln, NE, May 1996, pp. 2036-2037. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Maximizing the Minimum Signal-to-Interference Ratio in a Wireless Communications Network,
Shane M, Haas, David W. Petr; Technical Report TISL-10920-21; May 1996. (pdf) (BibTeX)

GPR Simulation of a Buried Concrete Wall for AlliedSignal,
Zhubo Huang, Carl Leuschen, Christopher Allen, Richard Plumb; Technical Report RSL-FY1997-TR-11910-1; Nov. 1996. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Ground-Penetrating Radar Antenna Modeling,
Zhubo Huang, Kenneth Demarest,Richard Plumb; IGARSS 96; Lincoln, NE, May 1996. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Dynamics of the Petermann Glacier, Northern Greenland,
K. C. Jezek, P. Gogineni, E. Rignot and R. Kwok; URSI General Assembly; Lille, France, Sept. 1996. (BibTeX)

Effects of Search Depth and Schedule Placement on WRR Schedules,
J. Keimig, D.W. Petr; Technical Report TISL-11230-02; Dec. 1996. (pdf) (BibTeX)

An interferometric technique for synthetic aperture ground penetrating radar,
C. Leuschen, N. Goodman, C. Allen, R. Plumb; Proceedings of the 1996 International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS'96); Lincoln, Nebraska, May 1996, pp. 2033-2035. (pdf) (BibTeX)

A Measurement-Based CAC Strategy for ATM Networks,
K. Liu, D.W. Petr; Technical Report TISL-11230-01; Oct. 1996. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Field Observations of Microwave Backscatter from Weddell Sea Ice,
V. I. Lytle, K. C. Jezek, S. P. Gogineni and A. R. Hosseinmostafa; International Journal of Remote Sensing, Vol. 17, No. 1; 1996, pp. 167-180. (BibTeX)

Correcting SeaWinds Scatterometer Measurements for Atmospheric Attenuation,
R. K. Moore, N. Karnbhammettu, S. Song; IGARSS 96; Lincoln, NE, May 1996. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Rain Measurement with SIR-C/X-SAR,
R. K. Moore, A. Mogili, Y. Fang, B. Beh, A. Ahamad; IGARSS 96; Lincoln, NE, May 1996. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Scanning for a Satellite Radar Wind Sounder (RAWS),
R. K. Moore, B. Beh, S. Song; IGARSS 96; Lincoln, NE, May 1996. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Rapidly Deployable Radio Network (RDRN) Link Budget,
Vijayanand K. Paulrajan, James A. Roberts; Technical Report TISL-10920-18; May 1996. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Determining the Number of Classes for Segmentation in SAR Sea Ice Imagery,
Leen-Kiat Soh, Costas Tsatsoulis; IGARSS'1996; 1996, pp. 1565-1567. (BibTeX)

Separating Ice-Water Composites and Computing Floe Size Distributions,
Leen-Kiat Soh, Donna Haverkamp, Costas Tsatsoulis; IGARSS'1996; 1996, pp. 1532-1534. (BibTeX)

Texture Representation of SAR Sea Ice Imagery Using Multi-Displacement Co-Occurrence Matrices,
Leen-Kiat Soh, Costas Tsatsoulis; IGARSS 96; Lincoln, NE, May 1996. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Correction of WindScat Scatterometric Measurements by Combining with AMSR Radiometric Data,
S. Song, R.K. Moore; Technical Report RSL-FY1996-TR-11960-1; June 1996. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Using Temporal Information in an Automated Classification of Summer, Marginal Ice Zone Imagery,
Costas Tsatsoulis, Donna Haverkamp; IGARSS 96; Lincoln, NE, May 1996. (pdf) (BibTeX)

Radar sounding of Greenland outlet glaciers,
B. Wohletz, T. S. Chuah, C. Allen, S. Gogineni; Proceedings of the XXVth General Assembly of the International Union of Radio Science (URSI); Lille, France, Sept. 1996. (BibTeX)

Search for Proxy Indicators of Young Sea Ice Thickness,
I. H. H. Zabel, K. Jezek, P. Gogineni and P. Kanagaratnam; Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 101; 1996, pp. 6697-6709. (BibTeX)

In-Service Monitoring for Cell Loss Quality of Service Violations in ATM Networks,
Hongbo Zhu, Victor S. Frost; IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Vol. 4, No. 2; April 1996. (pdf) (BibTeX)