EECS 622 Course Outline









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1.  Introduction


          A.  History of radio


          B.  The radio transmission system


          C.  The Electromagnetic Spectrum


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Click here for FCC Spectrum Allocation Chart 



2. Microwave School


A. Transmission Line Theory


Click here for Transmission Line Theory Package


B. The Terminated Transmission Line


Click here for Terminated Transmission Line Package


C. Microwave Sources


Click here for Microwave Sources Package


D. Matching Networks


Click here for Matching Networks Package


E. Microwave Network Theory


Click here for Microwave Network Theory Package



3. Microwave Components


A. Transmission Lines


 Click here for Transmission Lines Package


B. Amplifiers


 Click here for Amplifiers Package


C. Mixers


 Click here for Mixers Package


D. Local oscillators


 Click here for Oscillators Package



E. Circulators and Isolators


 Click here for Circulators and Isolators Package


F. Switches and Attenuators


 Click here for Switches and Attenuators Package


G. Dividers and Couplers


 Click here for Dividers and Couplers Package


H. Filters


 Click here for Filters Package


4. Receiver Design


Click here for Wideband Receiver Design Project!!!!


A. The Homodyne Receiver


  Click here for Homodyne Receivers Package


B. The Super-Heterodyne Receiver


 Click here for Super-Het Receivers Package


C. Noise in Microwave Systems (Chapter 3)


Click here for Noise in Microwave Systems Package


D. Dynamic Range


Click here for Receiver Dynamic Range Package


E. Receiver Gain and AGC


          Click here for Receiver Gain and AGC Package


          Click here for Receiver Specification Sheet


5. Transmitter Design


A. Modulators


B. Power Amplifiers


6. Antenna Fundamentals


A. Wave Propagation


 Click here for Wave Propagation Package


B. Spherical Wave Propagation


 Click here for Spherical Wave Propagation Package


C. Antenna Pattern


 Click here for Antenna Pattern Package


D. Antenna Impedance


 Click here for Antenna Impedance Package


E. Received Power


 Click here for Received Power Package


F. Basic Antenna Designs


 Click here for Basic Antenna Designs Package


7. Propagation


A. Friis Propagation Equation


 Click here for Friis Propagation Equation Package


B. Extinction


 Click here for Extinction Package


C. Refraction


E. Reflection and Multipath


F. Diffraction